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Music is what I'd rather be doing...

I've always been fond of anything to do with music, be it listening, singing my favorite songs, or playing my guitar. My parents were my initiators to music, as they enrolled me for Carnatic Vocal classes. I did not particularly love all the structured practice I had to go through as part of the training, but I am thankful I did. Today, if I were not able to sing, I'd lose it. 

The vocal coaching, under many gurus, helped me train my voice and also exposed me to the rich heritage of Indian classical music and culture. Soon, I started singing in church and school choirs under some of the city's finest conductors. You learn well from good teachers; and I learnt a lot, fast, from my first guitar teacher, who made it so easy for me to pick up the basics of guitar playing. From that point on I knew there was no way music could be just something I do in my free time. For formal training in western classical music, I enrolled at The Bangalore School of Music. Somewhere along the line, I started writing songs and dabbling in studio recordings of my singing.

This website is a showcase of sorts that brings together all that I have recorded over the years. I hope you enjoy the music.

- Achint Thomas

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